Top 10 Travel Influencers in India You Must Know About

Does travelling excite you? Or gives you a pang of happiness when you even think of it? Of course yes, that’s why you have landed on this blog. For travel addicts like you, we have curated a list of top travel influencer from India you must follow if you want to fulfil your travel dreams. They are the dreamer, achiever and an inspiration to those who believe in the fact that everything can be achieved if you really want it. Check out these top 10 travel influencers who are actually doing what they love.

Shivya Nath

shivya nath

Thought of solo travelling but safety issue bothers you? Shivya is the perfect example of a wandering soul who travels solo. There is no doubt that as a woman very few in Indian will recommend you to travel solo. But Shivya believed in her dreams and quit her job at the age of 23 to travel the world.  Since then she’s living a nomadic life. Her blog will definitely make you think about travelling solo at least once. Check her amazing journey at


Jyotsna Ramani

Jyotsna is owned by Jyotsna who is a wild soul and finds solace in adventure and wildlife. She is a thriller seeker who loves to explore new places. On her blog, she writes about different continents she has been to. She is fond of adventure activities which give her adrenaline rushes and also writes about her experiences on her blog. Her splendid Instagram pictures will surely make you think about travelling the world


Archana Singh


Archana is an award-winning travel writer who loves to explore offbeat places and is always curious to know untold human stories. She has also a unique style of storytelling and is well versed with photography skills. In her blog,, you’ll find innumerable of her India and international travel experiences. She is also an ideal guide if you are planning your next trip- at least that’s what she says on her blog. If you’re a travel freak, you’ll definitely love her Instagram pictures. Go follow her on


Siddhartha Joshi

Sidhartha JOshi tarvel blogger

Siddhartha is a multi-talented travel writer and possesses great skills in the field of travel blogging and photography. His blog named after his deep love to wander and soak into the new experiences. His blog is full of his India and International travel experiences. If you need guidance on travelling, you must check his blog. He has a major following on Instagram. Go follow him to know his photography skills


Lakshmi Sharath

lakshmi sharath

Lakshmi is a storyteller, travel blogger, photographer and what not. Bitten by travel bug after 15 years of corporate job, she decided to travel the world. Her passion for travel took her to more than 25 countries and 5 continents. She gave her travel experience a voice through her blog named On her blog, she writes about the experiences of India and abroad along with some blogging tips. Her love for food has also found space on her blog. She beautifully captures her memories on her Instagram



sankara is the place where he writes all his heart out about travelling. For him, road is the home. He defines travel as his life, career, and passion. Sankara left his 8 years old corporate job and became a professional travel blogger. In his blog, you’ll find travel tips, wildlife travelling, backpacking, budget travel and many more. He will also guide you on how to survive as a vegetarian traveller. Check his blog for the unique travel experience. His Instagram will give you a glimpse of his travel journey

Prasad NP

Prasad NP

Prasad is a travel blogger who travels with family and writes travel stories with a focus to connect you with local people. In his blog, you’ll find his travel experience from India and abroad including the places he discovered while travelling. Reviews of resorts and hotels also found space on his blog. With his pictures, he not just brings the places but a human touch too. Check his Instagram captures at


Nisha and Vasu

nisha and vasu

Nisha and Vasu is couple travel blogger who writes about their travel experiences to different places. Through their blog, they want to get in touch with like-minded wanderers. Their idea of travel is not just the place but to make countless memories. The good news is that Nisha is the only travel blogger from India for which Yahoo has made an exclusive video. The blog also gives you a glimpse of where to stay and what to eat in different places. That’s how you become a smart traveller. Check out amazing pictures of their travel journey on the Instagram handle at


Anuradha Goyal

anuradha goyal

Anuradha started her blog, back in 2004, since then the blog is evolving. Her passion for travelling has taken her to more than 15 countries and every nook and corner of India. She gave up formal corporate job 10 years back. Her blog will help you to find hotel and restaurant reviews too. She has also got major social media followers. Check the amazing pictures of her travel at


 Madhu Shetty

Madhu Shetty

Madhu is an interior designer who is passionate about travelling. She loves to read and write about the places she travels. Describing herself she says, her life without travel –she can’t imagine. In her blog, she inspires us to fly across different countries in the continents. She also reviews hotels and restaurants she has been to. Check her amazing travel experience on her Instagram


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