Top 10 Promising Photographers on Instagram to Follow

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, and of loving”. This famous quote by Aaron Siskind aptly portrays the essence of photography. Photography is not just about clicking a picture; it’s about capturing a moment. No one is born a photographer; one has to study the art throughout their life and practice how to tell a story through a lens. ‘Photography’ is also becoming a new category dominating the marketing mix today in the Influencer Marketing industry. We have listed 10 upcoming creative photographers in India whom you can follow on Instagram and get inspired.

Sanket Khuntale

We won’t put him into the category of a portrait photographer; rather we think he is the quirkiest photographer ever! This guy executes ideas, none of us can think about in the first place. From clicking a girl doing Bharatanatyam in a fruit market to taking shots from the best angles to make the most of a shot, you’d find a mix of out-of-the-box ideas on Sanket’s page! Check his Insta handle at

Sanket Khuntale

Ganesh Vanare

A connoisseur street photographer, who also captures travel, portrait and lifestyle shots, Ganesh is another photography lover, exhibiting his vision of the world through the lens. He is an absolute pro in telling stories through his photographs. While going through his Instagram, you’ll see that every picture of his tends to tell a story. His pictures are so good that it is hard to look at just one! Check his Insta

Ganesh Vanare

Dikshit Mundra

He is a self-taught photographer and co-founder of Streets of India Instagram page which has more than 536K followers. His work has got featured in many revered publications such as National Geographic Traveler Magazine, Lonely Planet, 500px amongst others. His Instagram page is full of magnificent landscapes, cityscapes, and conceptual portraits, His Instagram profile is worth a visit!


Sunny Gala

Sunny is a Mumbai-based travel photographer who is also a content creator and a YouTuber. You’ll find pictures of various places, from the urban charms of Mumbai and Delhi to the natural beauty of Kashmir, on his Instagram. Sunny’s YouTube video, ‘Don’t Travel to India’ has reached places. He has beautifully captured the history, culture, tourist spots, and delicacies of India in a single video. A must watch! His Insta journey is worth a visit

Sunny Gala

Vedang Kandalgaonkar

His quirky Instagram handle @Kanda.le.lo is one that you will not forget so easily. His feed is full of city landscapes and conceptual photography. What makes his photographs stand out is his eye for detail – he captures fleeting moments with such finesse that you can relive them through his pictures. Every picture in his feed tells a story without words.  Go follow him at

kanda le lo

Deckle Edge

Also known as Eskimo, this guy has got some unmatched photography skills. We are mesmerized by the beauty of his landscape photography, especially his shots of sunsets which do justice to the actual magic of a setting sun and amber skies. Once you go through his profile, you’ll see how there is beauty in every colour and it will definitely leave you awestruck! Go follow him on


Zaid Salman

How to capture the right shot at the right time using the right frame – Zaid totally seems to be an expert in this! Also, he has got some amazing editing skills! This man creates a story through every picture he clicks. Once you land on his profile, you’d be amazed by his talent and trust us he is so good, you’d be left scrolling for more! Check his Insta and you can thank us later!

Zaid Salman

Pratik Talreja

Pratik is a fantastic street photographer who covers the realistic street stories and puts it under the hashtag #MaiBhiSadakChap. His knack for capturing life, as it is rushing in the streets of big cities and small towns, is a testimony to his potential as a photographer. Immerse yourself in his gallery and experience the nooks and corners of Indian streets through his lens. Go follow him now



Dev shows the correct use of an iPhone to all the iPhone fans out there. Yes, he does all his photography from his iPhone. And the outcome is unbelievably amazing! You won’t be able to make it out if the pictures are shot by a professional camera or an iPhone. He is so good at it! To believe it with your own eyes, take a look at his phone shots at


Chirag Sadhnani

Chirag is not just another travel photographer. If you visit his profile, his photographs are sure to rub some of that wanderlust on to you as well! That is what makes a photographer a good one – when their work begins influencing people’s thoughts. He has beautifully captured different places in the world through a different perspective and his amazing photography is nothing less than art. Browse through his captivating Instagram profile at

Chirag Sadhnani

Already wondering whose Gram to discover first? Go ahead; you are going to experience a beautiful reality. Get ready to be awestruck. No wonder these talented people are the future of photography!





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