Top 10 Ethnic Aficionados ensembling ethnic charm into The Gram!

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. The joy of dressing is an art. Hitherto, the social media platforms have been quite loquacious about various fashion bloggers. Having quite a lot of followers, each one of them posts on their particular genres. In the midst of all the occidental fashion chaos, we have found something sundry from the rest.

Here are top 10 Ethnic Fashion Influencers on the gram, each with their own unique styles, we are all smitten with.

1. Anupriya Kapur

By representing ethnic solicitation and breaking stereotypes, Anupriya Kapur tends to bring the saree back. If you are not au fait with the different rhythms of a saree, I recommend you to visit Anupriya’s profile and be mesmerized by the audacious beauty in a drape. You’ll also find some different and wonderful variations created in the ethnic genre itself, in her profile.

2. Buncke by Aarabi Veeraraghavan


We found an enthralling mother who is tempted towards ethnic fashion. The boldness of her personality is charismatically represented through her Gram. While following her profile, and drooling over her pictures, we found beautifully composed captions with her pictures complementing her style sense. @Buncke is a must visit, can never get enough of it!

3. Sareesandstories by Sumitra Selvaraj

Sumitra Selvaraj

Apart from being a writer and a TV Executive Producer, Sumitra Selvaraj tends to be a typical saree connoisseur. It’s amusing how excellently she portrays her sage personality into such an involving one. We are a big fan of how she expresses her thoughts and ideas through her outfits.

4. Boxandpleats aka Hana


Hana is a passionate cosmopolite who is a lover of modern ethnic. It’s unusual seeing today’s generation so cosset into ethnic wear. She says recently she changed her entire wardrobe when she started developing a liking towards ethnic wear by observing her mother. She mostly believes in fusion wear. You will love how creatively she pairs her dresses in more than a single style. Your jaws are definitely going to drop like ours did while going through this beauty’s profile!

5. Desidrapes by Isha Priya Singh

Isha Priya Singh

Who says you can’t influence the public by your simplicity? Take a note from Isha Priya Singh. She posts about her daily clothing with beautiful poetry in the form of captions, all by herself! What makes this beauty stand out of the crowd is her personal touch to her posts. She chooses her outfits according to the different seasons. In her profile, you’ll find different themes merged with outfits for the same for different seasons. The desi tadka she adds to her gram makes all of us go in awe with!

6. Thebohobaalika by Mamta Sharma Das

Mamta Sharma Das

Mamta is a Kolkata based blogger, also, a boho chic. She has a loyalty towards saree though. She totally fits into the saying, “what you end up becoming is solely the outcome of your dreams”. Also, we noticed how creatively she has styled her looks.  You should totally check out this independent Urban Bohemian’s Gram. How can one not be lured by the confidence and beauty she carries within herself!

7. Perkymegs by Megha


This multi-talented lady is not just a sweetheart to ethnicity but is also a Youtuber and also owns her own blog. She talks about styling white kurti in 5 ways to wardrobe basics to fusion looks in her Instagram. She brings a twist to her ethnic wear by adding matching ornaments with her outfits, you’d never stop scrolling! It’s amazing how rhythmic she makes her outfit creations.

8. Life_in_a_saree aka RG

life_in_a_saree aka RG

A handloom geek influencing people to consider wearing a saree. Going through her profile, you will learn a lot about types of weaves and prints of different sarees available in India. She is someone who endorses handloom sarees and swears by it. Going through her profile you will see it loud and clear that a saree will never go out of style. Follow her and who knows, you might fall in love all over again with sarees!

9. That_saree_girl by Swapna Nayak

Swapna Naik

Want to look beautiful in your own space? Swapna shows us how! Draping herself with a variety of sarees, she seems to blend magic into the fashion she explores. She hits the right artistic nerve and enlightens the fashionista dwelling inside her. When saree meets fashion, everything around starts looking more beautiful than ever.

10. Seemaskt


Living in the New York City, this beauty seems to go head over heels on saree. She carries her drapes in different ways replacing the old basic way of the same. Talk about fusion wear or the prudent ethnic flair, she seems to rock it all. Like they say, saree with a twist! We found many different and unusual ways of wearing a saree in her profile. Her profile is quite absorbing; you’ll know when you see it!

Started with your search game already? Discover them on the Gram and go head over heels over them just like we did!


  1. I like all these fashion influencers but specially Ilike Hana’s style most, she always carry each attire very gracefully.

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