Chat with Celebrity-influencer from Manipur, Soma Laishram

Soma Laishram

1. Tell us about your journey to becoming an actress with our audience.

As the year has just begun, I would like to start off by wishing everyone a very ‘Happy and Prosperous New Year’. It is that time of the year when everyone gets an opportunity to begin a new journey and set things right. I feel my journey as an actress and as an individual has also been very similar. I have always looked at every opportunity as a start of a new journey. My journey of being a part of this industry started really early when I got the opportunity to be a child artist and then a programme presenter with DDK Imphal. I have always liked performing from a very young age, be it dancing or singing and I think, that is when the path was laid for me. There have been highs and lows in my journey as well like everybody else but I believe it is the constant support given to me by everyone that has brought me to where I am today.

To this very day, I still feel like I am living a dream to have reached that level to be called an actress. I am thankful for all the love and support showered on me throughout the 100+ films and songs I have worked on till now. I pray and hope this love will continue to drive me to do better as I continue on my journey.

2. What’s your take on K-beauty (Korean beauty) trend?

Korean beauty brands have recently taken on the entire world with it commanding global popularity when it comes to skincare and cosmetics. People across the world, young and old, are all going crazy about skincare and cosmetics from Korea because of its effectiveness and trending unique natural looks that can be created using them.

Coming from a small city in the Northeast India and as part of the film industry, I can testify that the influence of Korean beauty regime has reached as far spread as it can because I have seen make-up artists and people in Manipur using a wide range of Korean beauty products and often recreating natural looks using them. I, myself use Korean beauty products and the reason why I personally stick to these products has nothing to do with the trend but because of the quality and texture of the products. Most importantly the result you get from using this product is phenomenal. Just like the way Korean culture is fashion-forward, its beauty cosmetics and products are also really innovative and advance.

3. Since you are a popular actress in North East India, do you think this reputation comes with responsibility? If yes, how do you use this role to make a difference in your home state?

Calling me a popular actress would be an overstatement looking at the huge pool of talented artists we have in the region. But yes, I think being an actress or actor comes with a certain responsibility. As an actress I consider myself as a storyteller, playing out alternate realities for the audiences reflecting the society at times helping them escape from their worries, reminding them of happy moments or giving them hope or making them realize their potential even if it is for those few hours.

Likewise, as performers, we are expressing the life around us which include our cultures, habits, worries, love, strengths, weaknesses etc. and for every society/state to grow and develop we need to understand all these things. As someone lucky enough to get so much love from the people of the state, I ensure that I take up roles that will help in connecting the people and have a positive influence on the society.

4. You must have worked with brands endorsing them or their products? How is it working as an influencer with brands? How is it different from movies?

Yes, I have had the opportunity to represent some brands like Kaizen Sports, Miren, Deal Jeans besides multiple other local brands which are doing really well and helping boost the economy and employ ability of the state.

While I have earlier done advertisements, the last one year saw a huge shift in the way brands work. Rather than just doing commercials they are now exploring social media platforms and I am really humbled and glad that I could be part of some of the campaign on social media. Be it working for a brand or for a movie, I feel what is important for both is the end consumer of the product. In movies, as a performers/artists it is the audience we are reaching out to with our performance and usually for most of the movies/films, the audience base is quite broad but with brands their audience changes from products to products and hence social media makes sense for most of the brand I have worked with because, like me, many of their audiences are on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

5. What factors do you keep in mind while selecting influencer marketing/endorsement campaigns?

As an artist, I have always taken up roles I can relate to or feel the society can relate to and I follow the same rule when I work for a brand. Before I work with any brand I need to believe in the brand and their products, identify with them and make it part of my lifestyle. Until and unless I relate with the brand I am working for, it doesn’t make sense for me to endorse them.

6. What’s your message to budding influencers in Northeast India?

To be called an influencer is a really big thing and I consider myself really fortunate if people consider me to be an influencer. All I can say to the young people who have managed to influence others through their works on social media would be to stay authentic and passionate. People nowadays have become very knowledgeable of what is happening around the world and they can easily see whether you are passionate in what you do or just seeking fame which obviously will not last long if you are not true to yourself or your fans.

7.  What is your preferred social media platform to engage with your fans and why?

With the rise in the use of social media, it has become easier to stay connected, not just with friends and loved ones but with my audiences who share their feedbacks and appreciations on my work.  I have my personal accounts on Facebook and Instagram currently because these two platforms are primarily where I feel most of the people are present. These platforms have also been very helpful for me personally as it gives me the opportunity to update my fans through stories/live on what is happening on the set or a shoot while also allowing me to listen to what my fans have to say.

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