How to Select a Right Influencer Marketing Platform

inlfuencer marketing platform Zefmo
It’s great that you have decided to incorporate influencer marketing in your marketing strategy! Reassuring your decision is a recent study which shows that 84% marketers find it effective and 90% marketers will launch at least one influencer marketing campaign in the next 12 months.

The right influencer marketing platform will make your job easy, right from influencer selection to campaign execution. To help you decide better, we have listed down important factors which can assist you in selecting a better influencer marketing platform.

  1. Ease of Use

Influencer marketing platform should have a simple and easy-to-use interface. As a marketer, you need a platform which is easy to understand and operate, and which has an integrated analytics report. Look out for something which gives you both results and reports.

  1. Relevancy of Influencers

An influencer campaign is only effective when you have the right set of influencers. Platforms having more than 40,000+ influencers but with a weak following and lesser engagement rate are of no use to you. Look for relevancy. Are they relevant to your brand? Can they act as brand advocates for you? In short, you need real people to talk about your brand, not the bots.

  1. Demographics

Always go for a platform which has multiple criteria like age, gender, genre, location, language, etc. which allows to easily search for influencers as per your need. By having access to their social reach, social score, and affinity, you will be able to pick influencers for your campaign in a hassle-free and efficient way.

  1. Return on Investment

You would like to invest in an influencer marketing platform which shows you transparent picture of success and failures of your campaign, otherwise caluclating ROI would be difficult.

Your influencer selection process has to be accurate and to the point. Choose an influencer platform that will tip the ROI scales in your favour. The best influencer platforms is the one which provides real-time metrics to help you understand which influencer has the potential of increasing your ROI before you even reach out to them. All data, no assumptions.

  1. Cost

You will find no dearth of agencies offering you charge per post or cheap influencer marketing solutions with overpromised results.But what if the content doesn’t perform well?

When it comes to influencer marketing, you should always go for quality over quantity. It’s your brand which is going to be talked about in the social sphere, and you must look at better projection rather than lower costs.

Go for a platform which offers you 3600 solutions through which you can get the best possible ROI.

  1. Creative Solutions

Don’t settle for software. Instead, choose an influencer marketing agency that can provide you creative solutions at all stages. They have account managers, strategists, and experts who look at your campaign objective and provide you the best possible solution to achieve that.

  1. Campaign Analytics

Your chosen platform should offer detailed analytics with metrics such as reach, views, engagement, etc. so that it becomes easier for you to judge the performance of the campaign and calculate the worth of every rupee spent.


To efficiently find influencers, manage and measure your influencer marketing efforts, select a platform which covers all aspects and factors as mentioned above.

Zefmo covers all the points and is a perfect fit for all your influencer marketing solutions. With 25,000+ influencers across genres, it makes it easier for you to identify and select influencers from a wide range. Zefmo also provides you campaign analytics to see the results. It has a team of brand strategists and subject matter experts who will be there to present you with a creative solution as per your need, at all times.

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