The New-Age Runway for Lifestyle Brands

Remember the time when young boys and girls used to look up for latest trends in those fancy fashion and lifestyle magazines? Those were the days when models and celebrities used to endorse brands on runways and movies, giving fresh fashion trends to the youth. While some people went crazy over these trends, many consumers were left to wonder about the type and brands of clothes these celebrities wore. Today, with social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, the fashion week runways are not the only platform where brands unveil their latest products/fashion trends anymore. In fact, consumers today are served with the most up-to-date fashion trends on their social media feeds by the brands themselves.

We are Online! But WHERE IS THE RUNWAY???

Social media has created an environment for brands wherein they can come close to their consumers by identifying the right target audience and specifically reaching out to them. And helping build these brands are the influencers who give credibility and authenticity by giving his/her unique flair to the brand’s product/service amongst their readers and followers.

Influencer marketing has become an aggressive tool used by marketers across different industries to increase awareness about their brands. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have innovatively come up with a more genuine and comprehensive approach to reach out to the brands’ target audience. Fashion brands can now subtly integrate their message without being too upfront or making it look like an advertisement using influencers in their campaign. With the help of technology, fashion brands can now let their consumers explore and get a different experience of their products.

Lifestyle brand needs models & celebs. Or do they?

More than celebrities, it is the influencers today, who, by adding their unique style, create content for the brand which then reaches the right target audience. Making possible this synergy between them are many influencer marketing platforms like Zefmo which empower marketers to collaborate with the right influencers through the right campaign to reach the right audience.

Today, influencer marketing has become an indispensable part of marketing strategy for any brand, big or small. Zefmo aspires to become the industry’s largest and leading influencer marketing platform in the days to come. Platfroms like Zefmo help brands by enlisting and assigning the best influencers to make sure they get the most of their investments.

For example, every fashion and lifestyle influencer has a unique sense of styling and posing. When a fashion influencer show off their outfit of the day (#ootd) by posting a picture or a blog on what all they have picked from their wardrobe to wear, the first thing their fans check for are the outfit brands that are tagged on the pictures or the post. As Twitter reported last year, 49 percent of consumers trust recommendations from influencers when making purchase decisions. Zefmo ensures that brands do not lose out on the 49 percent of consumers who could have been made aware of the brand and its latest offerings.

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Consumers share a higher trust level with influencers than they do with the brand itself. These consumers do not refer to magazines and look-books anymore when making buying decisions. Instead, they just check which brands their favorite bloggers and influencers are writing or posting about. Zefmo helps create such content for brands and takes them to the right audience through carefully-designed campaigns striking a conversation that converts to maximum ROI.

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