All you need to know about IGTV!

At an event in San Francisco on Wednesday, 20th June 2018, Kevin Systrom (CEO and co-founder of Instagram) made two big announcements. First, Instagram now has one billion users. Second, the launch of IGTV app which will enable creators to upload 1 hour long vertical videos.

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The app is made for creators as Instagram is now a global community of one billion people. With IGTV, Instagram is all set to compete with YouTube and here’s what you should know about the IGTV:

  • With IGTV, now you can upload videos with a limit of one hour which is a breakthrough considering the earlier time limit of one minute stipulated in the Instagram videos
  • The videos would be in a vertical form, covering the entire screen, leaving no empty screen space. IGTV has a simple and intuitive app user interface
  • IGTV starts playing as soon as the app is opened. One can scroll through channels/videos and stop on their favorite one instead of searching for additional content
  • Not only this, even interactions are possible on IGTV through the comments section
  • The channels on IGTV are the profiles of the creators on Instagram. So, once you follow the profiles of the creators, you would be following their channels too, making their IGTV channels visible
  • Also, though IGTV is a stand-alone app, you can also access IGTV by logging into Instagram
  • IGTV has a lot of similarities with YouTube, but not quite the same. IGTV does not have advertisements till now
  • IGTV may prove to be a fierce competition to YouTube, in due course of time

Since Instagram has always been a reliable platform, people have high expectations for IGTV too. The app would be rolled out soon on Android and iOS over the coming weeks.

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