Instagram Stories Receives New ‘Interactive Poll Feature”

Instagram Stories, where people can post photos and videos on Instagram that disappear after 24 hours, has added a new way for all users to communicate with their followers that’s “Instagram Poll”.

Instagram stories poll

Instagram now allows all users to share two-option polls in their Instagram Stories.

Businesses/Marketers will now be able to use an interactive poll to ask a question and receive answers in real time. Results of poll will be available for 24 hours, just like the story itself, and marketers will be able to see the number of votes each option received as well as who voted. Brands can use this feature to take their consumers opinion real time.

It works like this-

⦁ Take a video or photo through Instagram Stories and swipe up to reveal the sticker drawer.

⦁ Then select the “poll” sticker and place it wherever you want.

⦁ From there, you’re able to write out whatever question best suits you and choose the answers you want voters to be able to pick from.

⦁ Once you make the story live, anyone who views your story will be able to vote and see the real-time results.

If voters want to follow the competition, they can just click on your story a second time (or third, or fourth), and the tallies will update with the latest results.

Creators can view their poll results at a later time by watching their own Stories and swiping up on the posts containing polls. The current number of votes each option has received will be visible along with the respondent’s detail so that you can see who has voted for which option. Participants, meanwhile, can see which choice is in the lead after they vote, and they can see updated results by watching the Story again later on.

Consumers can use the new tool to help choose between two options such as what to eat, where to wear or where to go.

The platform announced last month that it now has 800 million monthly active users, up from 700 million in April, 500 million of whom are daily active users.

The new poll update is available on both, Android and iOS.

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