Influencer Marketing Outlook 2018 – Brand Side

The India Influence Report 2018, the most comprehensive report on Influencer Marketing in India was recently released by Zefmo Media, a leading and rapidly growing influencer marketing platform that connects social influencer with brands of all sizes. This report has been featured in leading publications including Business Standard, Economic Times Brand Equity, Mint, and amongst others. Download your copy of the report today.


Key Highlights of the report:

  • Over 90% marketers likely to launch Influencer Marketing campaigns this year.
  • Instagram and Facebook are the preferred channels for Influencer engagement.
  • 89% of marketeers have found influencer marketing effective.
  • A whopping number of marketeers feel that increasingly consumers are influenced by their peers when it comes to making a purchase decision. So marketers are continuously using influencer marketing strategies for storytelling, better reach, connection with millennials and centennials, better ROI and what not.why influencer marketing is important
  • The survey also showed that Influencers having over 50,000+followers have been found to be most impactful.  micro and macro influencers
  • Survey also showed that influencer marketing is gradually maturing in India. Majority of the marketeers (70% ) are still experimenting or running campaigndriven influencer programs whereas only 14% are using influencer marketing in always-on mode.
  • Marketers have found Influencer Marketing to be effective and are planning to increase the budget allocation for social Influencers.
  • Instagram and Facebook are the preferred social channels for brand recognition and exposure.

Here is the entire infographic on Influencer Marketing Outlook 2018 – Brand Sideinfluencer marketing survey 2018 -brand side


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