India Influence Report 2019 – Outlook for Influencer Marketing Landscape

Zefmo’s India Influence Report 2019 paints a positive outlook for the influencer marketing landscape while focusing on silver linings of the industry’s commendable journey in a very short span of time.

As per the report, 65% marketers and strategists shared that it helped in increasing (brand) awareness and recall; 50% of the respondent also agreed that it is effective in managing (brand) reputation and sentiments while 47% says it is effective in reaching out and influencing the new target audience.

In 2018, while 92% marketers/strategists were expected to launch at least one influencer campaign, the report reveals that the popularity of influencer marketing has considerably increased in 2019 with 94% marketers/strategists finding it more effective and 85% continuously exploring innovative ways to collaborate with social media influencers.

The report further indicates that 76% marketers/strategists are looking to increase their budget allocation on influencer marketing campaigns this year compared to 62% last year.

India Influence Report 2019 has been prepared by Zefmo after conducting a detailed survey involving all the stakeholders, ranging from brand custodians to content creators across the Indian ecosystem in the last few months.

The 2019 report underlines the indispensability of social media influencers as critical marketing tools who help the brands in getting their (product and service) messages conveyed across with more passion, creativity and authenticity.

Why marketers look at it as impactful & integral?

Respondents participating in Zefmo’s survey for the 2019 India Influence Report agrees on 3 major points as to why influencer marketing remains an integral tool to the overall marketing campaign.

  • 60% believe that influencer marketing helps to reach to consumers/audiences or potential consumers/audiences
  • 56% say it effectively helps in connecting with both millennials and centennials
  • 45% see it as a better alternative to traditional advertising

The survey clearly shows that more and more marketers/strategists are now inclined to explore innovative ways of integrating social media influencers with their marketing strategy.

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