Illusion Around Influencer Marketing

It is an undeniable fact that Marketers have found Influencer Marketing as an effective channel to grow their business. These Influencers function a lot like endorsements deals with celebrities. But many marketers are continuously struggling to determine the social media marketing ROI of these efforts. This happens because of too much illusion around Influencer Marketing.

We have gathered the Illusions around Influencer Marketing which can seriously hamper your Influencer Marketing Campaign.

  • A million subscribers equal to the bucket of engagement.

It is the most important thing brand needs to know if they are planning to go down this marketing route. A million subscribers do not guarantee you engagement. So, first of all, it is important not to be enamoured by the followings. This may be the primary step to choose the potential influencer for your Influencer Marketing Campaign but dig deeper before you finalize things.

Gaining Followers

  • Communication is just a part of your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Never underestimate communication when it comes to Influencer Marketing. It is one of the trickier parts of working with the influencers and it concerns how campaigns are communicated to consumers. Communication should be clear and easy. For example- if there is any key message that is to be mentioned along with the handle and hashtag, it needs to be communicated properly. After all, you don’t want to mess up your campaign.

influencer communication

  • An influencer is medium.

Never ever have a thought that Influencers are just a medium for your Influencer Marketing Campaign. Influencers can really give your brand a direction when used in a right way. In fact, an influencer can fulfil your long-term business goals. Making professional relationships with influencers can help you in your future campaigns. Please ensure that the influencer has received the payment and other terms and conditions as promised at the time of collaborations.

influencer marketing campaign

So next time when you are implementing any Influencer Marketing Campaign, be assure that you do it the right way. Being a marketer you should know about the secrets of influencer marketing, after all you want to win the race.




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