How To Spice Up Your Blog

As a blogger, you’re constantly looking for new ways to spruce things up. Letting your blog sit stagnant with the same type of content, the same format, and the same feel can increase the chances that visitors aren’t reading your blog, but are skimming through it.

Without going overboard and writing an unnecessary complex blog, it’s possible to add a feature or more to set your blog apart. You want people to remember your blog for the right reasons, and not for being a train wreck.

spice up your blog


To fix that, here are a few easy ways to jazz up your blog and re-catch the readers’ attention.

1. Include Plugins in Your Blog

Besides writing good content, you have to provide your blog readers with connectivity to social networks and other information that will keep them clicking around your site, looking for more, and sharing it with their friends. And one of the best ways to do that is to include plugins in your blog.

2. Use a Great Commenting System

Depending on the theme, the built-in commenting system can be visually unappealing. Try using a commenting system like Disqus, which not only makes the comments look pleasing but also allows people to upvote, share, or organize the thread by most popular or most recent. Also, it always includes related posts within the system, which is good for organic clicks.

3. Harness the Power of PicMonkey/Canva

If you’re not already using this gem, then now is the time to start! PicMonkey/Canva lets you design photos and graphics, create collages, and add fun extras such as texts, backgrounds, and dozens of overlays. It’s a must-have for any blogger.

4. Incorporate Slideshows

There are some great free slideshow plugins for WordPress. Unfortunately, the free option only works for a few posts, and it’s $99 for the full feature. But, it’s easy to use and has a handy plugin that syncs to the website by placing an “add slideshow” option in your post editor. You also have the liberty to choose from a dozen or more skins that allow you to change the layout of your slideshow.

5. Tabbed Widgets

Tabbed widgets can work wonders for your blog because they allow you to pack in a lot of information into one small space. My widget comes with my theme, but there are some WordPress plugins available, as well.

6. Include an Author Box

Author boxes are awesome! Simply download the plugin (WordPress) and input your details. The paid version offers the extra social tabs, which allows readers to follow or like your social pages automatically.

These were some of our favorite ways to spice up an existing blog, well you need to work on increasing blog traffic also. How do you keep the fire burning? Share your views in the comments below.

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