How to Make Your Blog Get Attention

With the increasing use of internet in every corner of the world today, building and owning a blog has never been easier. However, it has become harder and more difficult to build a successful blog with significant traction and traffic as blogging has become a common marketing tactic used by almost everyone. In such a situation, how do you ensure that your blog stands out from the rest?

While making your blog get attention in terms of traffic requires an art most successful bloggers have mastered over a period of their journey to the top, we are sharing some of that knowledge for all of you who have just started blogging and want to get attention on your blog.

  1. Decide Why You Want to Blog and Stick to It

First of all, you need to decide what your blog would be about and who all would be reading it. You will have to become an expert in your field. It might sound obvious, but having a clear-cut idea and knowing your audience is necessary to build a solid foundation for your blog. Knowing your audience and meeting their needs will help you come up with blog ideas that stick, making your blog relevant and useful.

  1. Develop Content that Adds Value to Your Audience

The most significant way to get a faithful online following is by creating content that is useful to your audience who will consume and share it further. After all, blogging is all about sharing and adding value to your audience through the published information. One mistake many people make while starting their blog is the way they promote themselves in every blog they write. Your blog should be about your audience and only your audience and not about yourself. You need to create content that will speak to your audience and will be worth sharing.

  1. Words Matter

The words you use in your blog matter. Your blog should be in a conversational tone that will engage your audience through the use of right words and terms. The terminology you use on your blog should be considered keeping in mind search engine optimization (SEO) and the relevance/resonance it can have for your audience.

  1. Drive the Conversation

As a blogger, you need to participate in the comments on other blogs to drive the conversation to your blog. If you receive a lot of comments on your blog, of which many might be spam, you need to ensure that you respond to as many as you can. When you allow commenting on your blog, also be ready to handle the negative feedback and respond to both negative and positive comments on your blog. People will talk about your blog whether you like it or not. However, blogging helps in creating an opportunity to engage the company and its customers in a conversation and enables an exchange of ideas and information.

  1. Social Media Accessibility

Promote your blog post by including a “Share” button on your post to ensure that it is shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or any other social networking platform. The easier you make it for your audience to share your content, the more likely it is for you to make the most out of social media. Read here to know how you can spice up your blog.

  1. Make Your Content SEO-Friendly

Execute search engine optimization for your blog content. Make sure you identify the well-performing keywords to make your post rank better and incorporate those search terms into the title and body of the post. The earlier, in the sequence of words, those keywords appear, the stronger the signal Google will receive. Also, the single most powerful variable in Google rankings is the number and authority of sites that link to a post. The more useful the content, the greater will be your chances that other sites will link to it.

Implement these tactics while writing your next blog post and see how you are showered with attention!

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