How to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Are you an Instagram addict who wants to increase your Instagram followers on your profile? If you use the platform for marketing purposes, then you must constantly worry about the number of “followers”, the audience at whom your Instagram posts are targeted. Whether you’re working on your personal account or on your company’s , read on to find out the five best tactics that can help you build a wider and more relevant audience on Instagram.

1. Create a content and hashtag strategy
2. Reply to comments tactfully
3. Use Instagram Stories
4. Upload engaging videos
5. Host contests/giveaways

Let’s dive deeper into how you can implement each tactic.

1. Create a Content and Hashtag Strategy

Consistency is the key here. Be consistent and creative with your Insta posts. Write an interesting description for your images and use relevant hashtags. For example, a food-related post can have hashtags like “#foodforthought,” and “#foodblogger.” Along with this, you can also use generic hashtags like “#FollowForFollow” and “#FollowBack”. Profiles like yours, who are also looking to increase followers, will follow you.

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Another great strategy is to search for hashtags that have an active and involved community behind them, and then post and engage with those hashtags. This way you get to interact with like-minded people, while raising awareness about your brand! You can also try adopting a theme for your Instagram account which will provide a visual treat to your audience.

2. Reply to Comments Tactfully

Gone are the days when leaving comments like “nice,” “cool,” “interesting,” and “follow for follow” on others’ profiles sufficed. Everyone knows the intention behind such comments and trust us, no one is going to follow you on the basis of comments like these.

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You have to plan and frame your comments carefully as you do for your image description. Select 5-10 profiles of the same genre and engage with them frequently. Leave quality comments on their last picture so that they remember ou, and in all probability will end up following you back. Make your comments interesting and genuine so that whoever is reading your comment is impelled to click on your profile and hit follow!

3. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a huge rage! They are fun (with their stickers, emoticons, links, location, etc.), versatile, and are an excellent way to engage with your audience. They also give you the chance to be recommended on Instagram.

You can check this on the ‘Explore Page’ on Instagram. You will find that the top row shows the stories of the profiles that you follow and below that are recommendations that match your interests based on your likes. Create an ultra-engaging, super-targeted content which makes you feature in the recommended stories at the top of the explore tab.

4. Upload Engaging Videos

An update on Instagram now allows you to share minute-long videos which give you a great opportunity to create engaging videos about your products/brand. Some excellent ideas for creative videos include how-to videos, DIYs, look-book, OOTD, behind the scene, testimonial by a happy client, etc. Eye-catching videos drive more engagement, and with more likes your video might show up on the ‘Explore Page’ of Instagram, making you earn more followers.

5. Host Contest/Giveaways

This method is quite fast as compared to the others. You can host a contest or a giveaway on your profile where you can offer a gift card or a product to the winner. Keep rules like “follow me” and “re-post this post,” as these will make the participants follow you before entering the contest, hence resulting in an increase in followers.

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We hope that these five ideas provide a helpful start for anyone wishing to get a high Instagram following in 2017 and make money! Let us know in the comments section how you increase your followers.

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