A Glamorous VLCC Afternoon in Coimbatore by Zefmo Media

ZEFMO VLCC BLOGGERS MEET coimbatoreCoimbatore, a quiet and calm city in the state of Tamil Nadu, was painted in shades of glam and glitter on Thursday, 27th July as Zefmo Media and VLCC gathered 17 fashion & beauty influencers and bloggers from the city at a wellness meet. The event was held at the VLCC Wellness Centre at Racecourse Road.

About Meet-up

The influencer meet saw 17 budding female fashionistas who were invited to attend an interactive seminar on beauty and wellness. Zefmo Media has joined hands with VLCC and is organizing such influencer meets all across the country.

The event saw a group of eager young beauty and fashion influencers from Coimbatore who debated and discussed beauty and wellness of the being. Spearheading the interaction was Sushmita, Marketing Manager, VLCC who answered queries and concerns of these young girls and gave them advice on personal care, makeup, grooming, hair care, skincare, etc.

Adding more glamour to this afternoon was Caterina Chiari, a renowned Italian makeup artist, who gave makeup demonstrations and lessons in what she calls the ‘Milano Glam Look,’ an eye makeup style which is currently a rage on the ramps of Milan. Some of the influencers volunteered to get the Milano Glam Look by Caterina while others showered her with questions about tips and tricks for good eye makeup.  

With the belief in making one’s influence count, Zefmo ventured into this humble city and provided these young girls a platform to make their voice heard and matter. The influencers chronicled this afternoon of fun and pampering on their social media channels, catching the attention of their fellow Coimbatoreans.

The event started with a bunch of girls from Coimbatore, excited and happy to attend an event by a leading beauty brand. The event ended with 17 confident and informed beauty bloggers and influencers who now know that with Zefmo, their influence will matter.  

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