The Dos and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing for Brands

Lately, majority of the brands have started incorporating influencer marketing into their digital marketing strategies. Whether it is the launch of a new product or the re branding of an old one, influencer marketing holds an immense potential. But to make it succeed, it is imperative for a brand to know about the dos and don’ts of influencer marketing.


  1. Do Find the Right Set of Influencers

When shortlisting influencers, don’t go by the number of followers or their popularity. Instead, you must look at your target audience and then see which influencer can relate to your target audience the most. Reach out to the right set of influencer; they are the ones who will help you achieve your campaign objective.

  1.  Do Create a Plan

Before you think of executing influencer marketing, have a plan in place. Plan out how influencers are going to talk about your brand/product, what kind of content will be created, on which platform you would want to divert the traffic, etc. Create goals first, and then see how you both can achieve them mutually.

  1. Do Build a Relationship

Once you engage with good influencers, build a relationship with them – invite them for other sessions, get sessions hosted by them, or collaborate with them on another campaign. Develop a long lasting relationship as this will not only help you sustain and recall your target audience but will also assist you to create brand advocates.


  1. Don’t Hire Influencers Based on Followers

This point might sound repetitive, but it is the reality. Do not engage influencers depending on the number of followers their profiles depict. These days, it is very easy to buy followers or have bots adding to your follower count. Instead, always look for engagement on their posts. Also, while collaborating, ask for the level of engagement they can drive for your brand.

  1. Don’t Tell Influencers What to Create

An influencer is renowned in the industry for the content he/she creates. Since you must have checked their content quality before hiring them, let them be themselves and come up with unique ideas as per your brief. Do not interfere much in their business as this will result in the loss of their personal touch which their followers like. While a positive feedback is always welcome, a negative one can discourage the influencer and affect the content quality.

  1. Don’t Miss on the Freebies/Incentives

If someone has done an outstanding delivery for your brand, then don’t miss out in rewarding them with an incentive or freebies. Everyone loves to be recognized, and these freebies can work wonders for you in cultivating long-term relationships.

There are a lot of things which you will be learning in the process of influencer marketing execution. But following the above dos and don’ts will surely help in getting good results.

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