5 Ways How Influencers Can Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaign

It is a challenge for marketers to ignore the importance of content while planning their strategy today. Consumers are no longer interested in marketing tools like advertisements. In fact, statistics reveal that 47% of online consumers use ad blockers, which impels brands to explore and use influencer marketing. Consumers today demand content that entertains and informs them about the brand. And most importantly, we are in an age where consumers trust the experience of influencers, friends and family about a brand while buying it, no matter what the brand says.influencer marketing

This has paved the way for brands to incorporate influencer marketing in their marketing strategy. We can see how brands are increasingly relying on influencer marketing to generate more sales and win the trust of consumers. More and more marketers are acknowledging the need of influencers to give their brands a boost. It has been found that influencer campaigns give 11 times higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing.
While we see an increasing rise in the demand for influencer marketing, many marketers also feel that using influencers in their marketing strategy seems like a daunting task with no guarantee of success.

Listed below are some points to help prepare marketers out there before they reach out to influencers for help in their digital campaigns.

The Stats Say It All

All of us do a fact-check before we go ahead and believe anything. Well, that is fine, but what if even the statistics tells you that your hunch is true? That is when you go ahead and reach out to the industry’s best influencer marketing platforms like Zefmo to get yourself the right influencers.
It has become harder for brands to reach consumers through online advertising with 47% of online shoppers using ad blockers. This means that the best way to reach these consumers is through content posted by the people they trust. It has been found that 81% of customers make purchasing decisions based on information that their friends share while 77% of individuals refer to online reviews. Also, as per a Twitter report, 49% of consumers trust recommendations from influencers when making purchase decisions. 50% of customers are also found to make a purchase based on a general recommendation that they found on social media, regardless of who posted it.
Consumers do not trust brands anymore; it is people talking about them whom they listen to – 92% of people trust personal recommendations over brands.

Build A Relationship Through Them

Influencers have spent years building relationship based on trust with their followers which takes time. They have gained a reputation of their own as an authoritative source in their field of specialization. People look up to them for their advice and insights on the industry. Brands cannot build such relationship right away, and converting people into customers is another challenge altogether.
Since influencers already have the attention of the audience the brands want to reach, they are better at spreading brand awareness. This is one reason why it makes sense to go after influencers to promote your brand.

Authentic Content

Influencers can add a level of authenticity to the brand’s digital marketing that is otherwise not very easy to achieve. Like we discussed earlier, influencers don’t gain reputation just like that. They spend years in gaining trust over their audiences and developing a reputation as trustworthy individuals by nurturing their relationships. The added advantage is that the content created by influencers comes with a certain amount of built-in authenticity that gives brands a human face.

More Reach Gives More Exposure To Your Brand

Working with influencers can open brands to the great opportunity of exposing their brands to thousands of people who, in turn, can present it to thousands more who are likely to become their future consumers.
With a well-crafted plan of action, brands can increase their value to their customers, partners, and even competitors using influencers. While exposure alone may not be enough for brands, with more and more people becoming aware of the brands and their messages, it gets easier to build a relationship leading to more conversions later.

Brands Who Have Worked With Them, Speak For Them

There are no secrets to the success of brands that have used influencer marketing in their strategy. Their success is the proof of how effective influencer marketing is. If this isn’t convincing enough, 94 percent of people who use influencer marketing believe it to be effective. An astonishing 59 percent of marketers had increased influencer marketing budgets in 2016, further proving how effective it is. An influencer marketing study by Tomoson shows that 51 percent marketers are of the view that they have acquired better customers through influencer marketing.
While brands that have already used influencer marketing have experienced its effectiveness first-hand, new brands are beginning to discover its full potential.

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