5 Places You Are Most Likely To Bump Into Influencers In Delhi!

Hello Delhiites! Are you a fashion follower or are you a photography zealot or do you follow some YouTube star? We are guessing you may also follow some Influencers in your favorite fields. Each one of us would be delighted if we get to meet our favorite Influencers! Would you want to know what places our favorite Influencers in Delhi often visit? Okay, here we go!



Coffee lovers, take note! While you’re busy sipping your preferred frappuccino, your favorite fashion blogger or photographer might be sitting right behind you, sipping their favorite frappuccino. Shooting all day long could be really hectic and anyone would eventually need a scrumptious cup of coffee. The next time you’re in Starbucks, move your eyes and get ready to be surprised! So go on, have some more coffee!

Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village

From stunning gardens to mesmerizing sites, Hauz Khas Village will definitely leave you spellbound. Our Delhi bloggers seem quite impressed by the series of monuments over there which give a phenomenal background to their pictures. Have you ever encountered any influencer shooting in HKV? Cause, We have!

Chandni Chowk

chandni chowk

This one’s a catch! It won’t be just every other day that you’re going to spot some famous blogger or photographer here. But considering the attractions in this area, you may spot one or two of your favorite influencers, either getting them clicked or clicking someone or something else. Someday or the other, when you decide to go on a ‘Chandni Chowk darshan’, keep your eyes open for you may not know who may come your way!

Connaught Place

Connaught Place

A massive commercial and financial center, Connaught Place is located in the Central Delhi. With a huge and diverse market of fashion, famous food chains, restaurants, and bars, the place is everyone’s favorite! Also, CP, being a shopper’s paradise, makes way for all our favorite fashion bloggers. The enthralling circular grayish whitewashed structure also provides for a proficient background for pictures, keeping both the bloggers and the photographers occupied. We won’t be shocked if we happen to see a bunch of bloggers hovering in the streets of Connaught Place.

Champa Gali

Champa Gali

If you’ve still not visited Champa Gali, you may not know why bloggers/photographers have a soft side for this place. This place is just what an Insta-worthy outlet should be! Our favorite bloggers and photographers love to give a visit to this place for getting beautiful shots.

So, who would you like to bump into?

Image Courtesy: @myhappinesz, @priyanksharmaaa, @blueberryblackout, @sejalkumar1195, @thatbohogirl @mscocoqueen, @komalpandeyofficial

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